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Beach lifeguard service

Lifeguards on the Beaches

One of the most important tasks at Water Rescue Services of Hungary is done by our lifeguards around Lake of Balaton. 80- 90% of the emergency calls received by Zanka Dispatch Center, are coming from the lifeguards on the beaches we control.

To be a lifeguard you need to be a good swimmer, you have to be in good mental and physical conditions and you have to complete a water rescue training. You will be on duty on the beach (the area of the beach is marked by signs on both ends on land and by the buoy line on the water). You’ll be responsible for this area and it’s your duty to supervise the beach. The first and most important task is prevention, to do the best to avoid any emergency situations. On the first day of duty, our lifeguards look around, check the beach and make a mental note of the most important things (like closest hospital/doctors nearby, entry for the ambulance car, dangerous areas on/ around the beach, etc). They also have to make sure, that the steps into the water are clean (to prevent any slippery), as well as the beach area. From ashore and from the rescue pedal boat/catamaran, they are monitoring the water and the beach area, if necessary they warn whoever they need. They act fast if they see any unusual situation on shore (little kid alone, incident at the volley- ball court, someone fell asleep on the sun, etc.), like they are in charge for monitoring the deep-water area, as far as it’s possible.

In case of an emergency, our lifeguards call Zanka Dispatch Center immediately via (Balatrönk) radio, where the daily chef of duty takes the necessary steps. He can send a rescue boat/unit to the scene, or he can call for help from other co-operating organizations (like Ambulance, Police or Fire Department).

It’s very difficult to see if there’s an accident in/on the water and it’s hard to locate someone, when there’s a lot of people around and the noise is high. If an accident occurs, our lifeguards start the rescue- process immediately and they continue, until a superior (Ambulance, or higher- trained) person/team arrives, or the emergency situation is over.