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Deepwater rescue services

About our deepwater rescue service

The deepwater area on Lake Balaton that can not be reached from the shore by our lifeguards, is patrolled by the deepwater rescue force, the special rescue boats of Water Rescue Services of Hungary (WRSH). Their task is direct life saving as a priority, but they also do material rescue (flipped or sank sailboats etc.). We have 5 similar size rescue boats, a material rescue boat and a larger emergency rescue boat and we (with our associating partners) have 10 deepwater rescue bases around the lake.

Our 5 six and a half meters long boats are hard bottom inflatables, equipped with 100-115 Hp. 4-strike gasoline engines. There is at least a two member crew on board at all times, both of them are qualified lifeguards and divers with a specialized driver license for rescue boats.

The material rescue boat is a heavy aluminum diesel boat with a great towing capacity and equipped with special tools for all kind of different needs. The number of crewmembers depends on the type of the task.

Our biggest boat of the fleet is a 12 meters long emergency rescue cabin boat with 2x 250 HP outboard, gasoline engines. Since this is our emergency rescue unit, there are at least 5 crewmembers on board, 2 paramedics and 3 lifeguards. This boat’s equipment is basically the same as an emergency ambulance car on land. In really short period of time, this boat is capable to reach further locations.

These boat types, the equipments on board and the crew’s knowledge allow us to be on water in almost any kind of weather conditions. All of our boats are equipped with a special radio, called “Balatrönk”, which was specially designed for Lake Balaton. Using this radio, our vessels can keep contact with each other, with the Zanka Dispatch Center and with other lifeguards on the beaches, or – in case if needed – even with the Police department or the Ambulance services. All of our boats are equipped with a GPS tracking system, AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and basic diving equipment, to be able to react, as fast as possible.

One of our boats is continuously on duty in the Youth Center, Zanka, (from ice melting in spring, until the lake freezes again in winter), the other boats are on duty 24/7, from the middle of May until the end of September.

As soon as the Zanka Dispatch Center receives an emergency call, the daily chef on duty sends the nearest rescue boat to the scene. The exact position, covered route, cruising direction and all other important data of all our rescue boats can be seen in the Dispatch Center – so the time, between the emergency call and the arrival of the rescue boat to the scene, can be reduced to the minimum. All conversations (radio and phone) are recorded – just like the route of the boats. Later on it will be analyzed, which helps us improving our services.

Our deepwater rescue force is doing the following tasks:

Direct life saving (soul rescue): The most important, from all the tasks, which is free and available for everybody. To all of our other services, some charges apply.
Material rescue: Means search and recovery of lost or damaged vessels and equipments (like boats, pedal boats, kayaks, etc), and tow them ashore. We can pull down stuck vessels from sand- banks; we can tow boats to their port when they are unable to maneuver. With all the necessary equipments we have (lift bags, pumps, etc…), we can even lift up flipped or sank boats and objects in co-operation with our Special Dive Unit.
Event support and supervision: Our rescue boats are supporting and supervising a lot of national and international events, competitions and festivals, like “Swim across Balaton”, “Blue- and White Ribbon Sailing Competition”, “TBS Award Sailing Race”, “ EFOTT Festival”, “Sziget (Island) Festival”, etc

In co-operation with our Special Dive Unit we do, not just only material rescues, but body searches, missing crime evidence searches and recoveries and environment- protection jobs as well.

According to the agreements with official and other organizations, our boats help during a flood in the rescue and prevention process. They also help other organizations, like taking water- and slob samples.