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Event rescue support

Event supervising

Water Rescue Services of Hungary is not only supplying the beaches with lifeguards, but planning, coordinating and supervising near or on water events as well. This way, we can ensure a higher level of water-safety. During these events, we can provide different levels of support.

Our professional lifeguards can supervise the beach and the shallow water area, our deep-water rescue team with the rescue boats is able to supervise all kinds of deep water events and anything needs to be done underwater, the members of the Special Dive Unit can do those also. Our well experienced rescue-boat drivers and boat staff are ready to help in any kind of situation. Our boats are coming in different types and sizes – so it’s easy to find the best one depending on the event’s need. We are capable to support any near or on water movie shootings, as well as festivals, competitions, commercial and residential programs, with our professional staff.

Our main references:

Balaton Swim- Across, Bay Swim- Across (Balatonátúszás, Öbölátúszás)
Island Festival (Sziget Fesztivál)
Hungarian High-school and University students national meeting (Egyetemisták és Főiskolások Országos Turisztikai Találkozója (EFOTT))
Balaton Blue- Ribbon Sailing Contest (Balatoni Kékszalag Vitorlásverseny)
TBS – One Person Sailing Contest around the Lake Balaton (TBS Egyszemélyes Balatonkerülő Vitorlásverseny)
European Swimming Championship 2006, open water part (2006 évi Úszó Európa Bajnokság Nyíltvízi számai)