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Beach Lifeguard Service

Cooperating offer of the Water Rescue Services of Hungary and Volunteer Firefighter Brigade to perform professional lifeguarding tasks.

What we offer you:

Organizing beach rescue professionally and full-fledged on your beach. In case of signing a contract, for the fee specified in the agreement, our Association provides you the following services without additional charges:

  • According to the contract, placing the agreed number of qualified lifeguards on your beach during the opening hours.
  • The qualified lifeguard works within the framework of our Association, so you have no additional administrative responsibilities regarding the employment of a lifeguard.
  • All our lifeguards work as legal workers at your beach.
  • We operate an ongoing quality assurance system, which includes visiting your beach at least once a month, and conducting a rescue / resuscitation practice with the lifeguard there.
  • The knowledge of our lifeguards is up-to-date, and each year they are required to pass a theoretical test (a level test) and a practical knowledge presentation (rescue, resuscitation).
  • For our lifeguards, the VMSZ operated Rescue Management Center can be reached by radio or telephone at all times, which assists beach lifeguards in the event of an emergency and plays an inevitable role in finding a missing person or during a rescue event.
  • Our rescue boats on the shore of Lake Balaton (and our emergency rescue boats) also assist our beach lifeguards and cooperate with them in case of prevention or emergency response.
  • The list of "Beaches guarded by VMSZ" on our website (www.vizimentok.hu) also contains information about your beach (name, exact address, opening hours of the beach). Based on our performance and work so far, our association has received media attention, and we would also recommend your beach in the given city.
  • In case of emergency (beach accident, searching a missing person, etc.), our association will provide the following services upon request of the beach lifeguard, at no additional costs: Rescue Management Center: organizing search and rescue activities and contact cooperating bodies. Rescue Boats: Provide rescue boats to the location (as deemed necessary by the Rescue Management Center), with qualified medical personnel and defibrillator on the board. RUPERT Emergency Lifeboat / Abraham Lomac "Small Emergency" Lifeboat: Alert the Balaton Emergency Lifeboat, as needed with oxyologist and appropriate medical equipment. Diving Service: Searching for a missing person, our diving service (diving service, boat equipped with sonar, etc.) is also available to you at no additional charge.

What we ask from you:

Our association can undertake the above-mentioned complex services with the following financial remuneration:

  • Lifeguard service: For the period agreed in the contract, from 21,100 HUF + VAT / day / lifeguard, that will be paid against an invoice, as specified in the contract. All our highly qualified staff work as legal workers throughout the service hours. This fee includes a maximum of 10 hours of work.
  • “Balatrönk 2” radio rental fee: For the period agreed in the contract, 800, - HUF + VAT / day / rented radio (only required for Balaton beaches, 1 radio / beach), which will be paid against invoice as detailed in the contract. The rented “Balatrönk 2” radio is essential for providing high quality water rescue and the communication between the beach lifeguard and other VMSZ units (Lifeboats, Rescue Management Center, etc.).
  • Lifeguard apartment contribution: For the duration of the contract, 1,900, - HUF + VAT / day / person on duty, which will be paid against invoice, as detailed in the contract. If the beach can provide workers' accommodation for the lifeguard(s) that is acceptable to the VMSZ in accordance with the conditions of the cultured housing, this amount will not be charged of course.

If you calculate that our lifeguards serve from the opening to the closure of the beach (up to 10 hours under our general contract, but can be modified as needed) and that they are performing daily service during the duration of the contract, you will see that employing a VMSZ beach lifeguard for rescue tasks costs roughly the same as recruiting own staff for this purpose.
In contrast if you choose us:

  • There is no chance that your employee will report ill or quit and there will be no lifeguard on the beach.
  • The knowledge of the lifeguards deployed by VMSZ is up-to-date and their physical abilities are adequate for the service.
  • Our lifeguards can and do serve in the framework of legal work, from beach opening to closing.
  • Our association selects the right lifeguards based on over 20 years of experience and with the help of our trained instructors. All the administrative tasks related to the employment are performed by our Association and you have nothing to do with it.
  • In the event of a beach accident or an emergency, our Association will assist you with highly trained staff and the appropriate technical background. Be it a lifeboat, dive service vehicle, diver or other on-site personnel and technical equipment, there is no extra charge.

We neither can, nor do we intend, to compete on material requirements with solutions where someone on the beach is in service t-shirt (or without) so as to point out that "he is the lifeguard" in a possible inspection. Similarly, we cannot, and do not want to compete with possible illegal employment.

Our organization has a cooperation agreement with the Balaton Water Police Department, the National Disaster Management Directorate and the National Ambulance Service, and we are committed to providing a high quality, well-respected lifeguard service that meets the standards of the European Union. A service that makes your beach safer. For the same reasons, we have been working with the Balaton Development Council for years on the "Be Balaton, the Safest Lake in Europe" program, because we believe that a high level beach lifeguard service not only provides greater security, but provides attraction for domestic and foreign bath guests visiting us.

Our association can also assist you (subject to a separate agreement) in providing beach events, renting life-kayaks, placing beach buoys, and conducting the preseason berth inspection (accomplished by sonar, boat and diving equipment, documented with protocol). Our association is committed to providing a professional, high-level rescue service and is constantly working to improve the human, material and financial conditions as well.

We are proud that last year we managed to provide high standard and professional service to our contracted partners similarly, as in recent years. Our partners write about good work and exemplary cooperation in their end-of-season evaluator, you can view these references as well. With more than ten thousand of beach days worked behind us, and with the feedback of our partners, we are confident that the quality of our service will impress you!

Our association is committed to provide a professional, high-level rescue service and is constantly working to improve the human and material conditions needed. If you would like to work with us or have any further questions / requests, please contact us at +36 30 538 2151 or at strand@vizimentok.hu.

We are waiting for your application!

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